rock guitar soundfont?`

• May 26, 2018 - 14:11

hello peeps

I've tried the electric guitar on overdrive mode and it just doesn't have that epic guitar sound feel- any possible soundfonts I could use?


"Epic" is subjective, I recommend trying the similar sound in any of the other soundfonts recommended int eh Handbook under Soundfonts to see if you prefer any of those.

Guitars are notoriously hard to do right in a soundfont.
Honestly I'm not sure if it's even possible to properly do a overdrive guitar in a SF2 file. Even SFZ has difficulty with this.
However there are a few that sound ok when used with certain songs.
Freepats has a few decent ones -
This guy is a guitar wizzard -
And there is also mine over here -

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because on a live electric guitar you can, after picking the string, change the sound in many ways; a soundfont only can play the sound that is in the sample.
if you provide epic guitar soundsamples, of course it is possible tot make an epic guitar soundfont.
regards b

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