Someone *please* get this upload out of limbo...

• May 29, 2018 - 16:42

This has been stuck "processing" for nearly a full solar day. Attempts to delete it redirect to a "not found" webpage.

Thank you, and how do I prevent or remedy this myself? It's there, but it's not there, and its limbo-doppelganger is taking up one of my five slots. And it's not even that big a file. I believe the problem is that sometimes the audio generation doesn't take. I have seen audio exports hang in both VLC and Windows Media Player. This means it could be a symptom of a different problem.


Two full days, still doing it, no emails from the dot-com group or even a reply to an inquiry on the Facebook page. I think this is secretly their way of forcing me to go pro-account before I'm ready.

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We are sorry for not replying. At the moment, very often we don't have (just phisically) time to reply, as we are very busy fixing bugs. But I would like to assure you that we never force someone to buy a pro account or something like this. Our developers promised to take a look at this issue tomorrow, we will try to fix that and will inform you as well!

Hopefully this will be dealt with soon, but in the meantime you can still upload scores as long as you do it from within MuseScore (just go to File > Save Online). This works even if you are at your 5 score limit, but one of the previous scores will be hidden.

You will need to (re?)upload 5 scores to ensure that the broken one is the one that gets hidden. Of course, you might want to do it one-at-a-time, and check that they upload correctly each time, otherwise you could end up with 5 broken scores...

Nl forum is a bit overboard from my attention, sorry :( Thanks jeetee for the alarm. I've sent your request to the guys responsible for this. I'll be in touch to inform you about the results.

Brian, we fixed the issue with the score, so you can upload it again and everything should work fine. Sorry for this accident :sad:

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[EDIT: thank you!]

I actually have just barely some knowledge about web development through some rudimentary HTML and PHP. I'm sure the technical details of making anything bugproof would make my head spin, but I'm totally willing to learn, and I have some ideas about what may have caused it. My observations and guesses:

Occasionally, Musescore for the desktop will export an audio file that can't be opened -- well, it can be opened but the playback function won't work even though it's not an empty file. Perhaps the output has zero volume in it. If I remember right, Media Player would lock up, and the Task Manager would be required to shut it down. VLC would be fine apart from not being able to play the file. And this export glitch appears to be random in that it can export successfully the next time with no clear reason.

Is this the condition that causes the server glitches? Can it be detected on the server side with some pre-processing? As for the upload feature itself on the desktop, how about if the initial upload generation could be saved to a file on the desktop with all of the XML (I assume) syncing to the score intact and a utility to test it in a browser locally before uploading? Does any of my reasoning here appear to be on the right track?

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