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• May 30, 2018 - 15:02

Whenever multiple trumpets play in unison, it sounds like they are all muted. I can't find a fix to this, so hopefully there's someone who knows.

Sincerely, Ben


It's best to attach your score. It sounds like you may have muted trumpets selected in the mixer (F10) for the normal trumpet sound somehow.

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Using the soundfonts on my computer I'm not getting a muted trumpet. What soundfont are you using.

@Shoichi, this is con sordino mute note the silence the sound mute in case there is confusion.

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To correct the playback:
in short:
Change the tuning settings slightly (for each instruments).
Examine the file in the attachment: measure 19-20 //Colored texts in the score is just for explanation

Screenshot (Measure 19, 20):

Detailed explanation:
1. Open the Inspector
2. Select the measures. (just for one staff)
3. Click on the "Notes" button in the inspector. (bottom-side)
4. Change the tuning setting (eg -7.00 or +7.00) // you can try different values according to your preference.
Repeat the same procedure for other instruments (in the same unison).

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Concert band idea-Tuning-z.mscz 88.68 KB

It's a known limitation of virtually all synthesizers that trying to play the same note using the same program multiple times at once will produce what is known as a "phasing" artifact. The solution is to silence all but one of the overlapping notes (or, change the tuning or time position slightly).

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