MuseScore Pro Refund! HELP.

• May 31, 2018 - 17:19


I am a college student who was invited to participate in a wedding so I used MuseScore to use some sheet music. It offered me a muse score pro free trial and I accepted it just to see what else I can do. I got it and decided to cancel the next day but my internet wasn't working so after some tries I decided to cancel later on. That later on never happened after I received the $49 cost in my bank. I emailed them and answered me but when I presented my case they never contacted me back. I am in college so every dollar counts, how can I get a refund or sale my subscriptions to someone who will use it?


i don't see the points i need join in this membrrship, not attractive. the web management team need review its policy to benefit both musescore and pro writers. current most of scores posted are junks which bring musescore a bad name.

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If you view MuseScore as a free music shop, then "junks" scores certainly detract from that role. If you view MuseScore as a place where people, especially kids, of all levels of knowledge, accomplishment, and skill, can post whatever-the-heck-they-want, and possibly expose it to their friends or colleagues, or get advice or learning from others, then it's just fine the way it is (and I like it that way). MuseScore is not a university or a music publisher with a reputation. The idea of vetting scores for "quality" for harvesting by those who pay no money would make it worthless to most of its clientele. The idea of essentially bringing amateurs' halting/imperfect efforts "to market" in this way is very troubling to me, but it is a staple of the business model of the site. If the site were to hire and pay competent editors to scrutinize and pass judgement on scores to assure the reputation of the venue as a reliable music shop, posting a score would cost hundreds of dollars (compare literary "vanity publishers"). Fifty dollars a year to vanity-publish all the scores you want is a trifle, but no "publisher reputation" is bought by it.

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