Rest problem

• Jul 6, 2014 - 12:15

I'm editing a score that has multiple notes played simultaneously. When I delete a note, MS inserts a rest. So now there are rests and notes appearing simultaneously. How do I stop that?

If I insert a note in a measure having a whole rest, the whole rest stays there.


It's normal and correct that if you can have multiple voices in a measure, each voice should be "complete", showing rests when not playing. There are special case situations where the rules of music notation do allow you to not show these rests. If you understand these rules and are sure your situation is one of those special cases, you can mark the rests invisible via the right click menu. Otherwise, you are usually better off leaving them alone, at most moving them vertically out of the way of the other voices (double click then up/down arrow).

If you insert a note *in voice 1* in a measure that contains a whole rest, the rest does not remain. Only if you enter your note in another voice does the rest remain - to show whomever is reading the voice 1 part that they are not supposed to play. So if you really do intend the part to be played by a voice 2 player only, you should leave the rest there. Otherwise, you should simply enter the note into voice 1 rather than voice 2.

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