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• Jun 13, 2018 - 19:30

I know this has been talked about before, but I'm really hoping someone can help me out her. I am doing an arrangement for my high school show choir so I have SATB lines and a piano staff. The first page has a solo line which makes those systems fill the first page, but after that I'm stuck with lots of empty space at the bottom. I've messed with every possible setting in page settings and general layout settings. Could someone help me get the systems to fill the page better?

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First step in fixing that is to figure out how you want it fixed. One possibility is to have MuseScore put the extra space in the middle - between the systems, rather than at the bottom of the page. To do that, simply increase the "Maximum system distance" in Style / General / Page.

However, you've made a bunch of other changes to defaults that are not helping and should probably be revisited. For instance, you've made the page bottom margin 0mm, not sure why, this won't look so good once you start allowing more space between staves. Conversely, you've increased the music bottom margin to 10sp. And the minimum system distance of 12sp won't give you much flexibility. I'd set these all back to their defaults (20mm, 7sp, 8.5sp) and then re-evaluate if what changes are actually needed. I'd also re-look at the other customizations you did to staff distance and lyric margins - what you have results in unnecessary extra space in the staves that don't have dynamics below the lyrics, which is most of them. You can always add spacers where extra space is needed. But dynamics normally go above the staff in the presence of lyrics anyhow, which would also help.

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