Range control for "changed" instrument.

• Jun 16, 2018 - 12:36

I have a "change instrument" text control in the middle of a part. There seems to be no way to set the range (i.e., the highest and lowest available notes without complaint) for the new instrument. "Staff properties" gives me the "old" instrument, and expanding its range doesn't help. I care because it messes up coloring.


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And they are, but only those for the first instrument. Extend the range so it covers both.
Or, if you managen to get the instrument changes on system breaks, just add the 2nd instrument, cut and paste the notes across and use 'Hide empty staves'. Or instead of a system break use a zero width horizontal frame to separate them.

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I don't know your exact use case, but I would think that if one is coloring note heads - for whatever reason - the first thing to do is to disable MuseScore's 'out-of-range' coloring feature - to avoid the very problem you encountered.
Especially if one has multiple different "changed" instruments in the score, there's no need to tweak the tuning range of each and every instrument change in order to obstruct MuseScore's 'out-of-range' feature.
(So not really a work-around.)

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You do not need to "obstruct" anything. Simply don't use "Staff Properties" at all.
Just uncheck the box 'Color notes outside of usable pitch range' on the Note Input tab in Edit - > Preferences. Done.
I encounter a similar situation with a 'dropped D' tuning on guitar. (Lowest string tuned a whole step lower), so I disable the out-of-range color feature altogether. It takes a few seconds.

You wrote:
If MuseScore had support for such instruments...

Actually, MuseScore does support contrabass with a low C extender. In Staff Properties, the usable pitch range for professional shows C1 to G4; amateur E1 to D4.
So, if you are transcribing "Baroque music where C1 is everyday" and you wish to eliminate the green color so you can color the noteheads, the simplest way is using Edit -> Preferences -> Note Input and uncheck the box 'Color notes outside of usable pitch range'.

However, if...
1. You dislike the green color when you enter notes between C1 and E1 because you can't color over it.
2. You don't want to uncheck the color notes feature using Edit -> Preferences -> Note Input, to eliminate the green.
3. You wish that the amateur range had its usable pitch set for baroque music where C1 is everyday.
4. You enter contrabass notes below C1 and need the red color to inform you of unplayable notes, then you can modify the Instruments.xml file to your liking.

For example, try this Instruments.xml which has both amateur and professional pitch ranges for contrabass set equal: instruments.xml

It will output like this:

...and let you color notes C1 to G4, even while using 'changed instruments'.
Of course unplayable notes below C1 that you enter will always remain red (as will notes above G4).


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