2.3-Dev Missing translation strings for buttons on Exit Dialog when file has been modified

• Jun 20, 2018 - 16:01

I was testing the Linux MuseScore-2.2.9-x86_64.AppImage and found out that the Buttons on the dialog warning of unsaved changes on open score are not translated.
I believe there are missing strings on the translation since I have not found them on transifex and my language is marked as 100% done there.

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Which language (I assume Brazilian Portuguese)? Have then been translated in 2.2.1?
These strings are not part of the MuseScore code, but of the Qt libraries it uses.
Check the qt_*.ts files in https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/tree/2.3/share/locale, pick your language (I assume you need qt_pt_BR.ts), locate those strings in them and 'manually' translate, then attach here so we can include it.

Hmm, seems in that file "Discard" is translated (as "Descartar"), similar for "Cancel" ("Cancelar") and "Save" ("Salvar"), so I don't understand why you see them untranslated, might be a Linux / AppImage specific problem?

For me, on Windows, it is translated:

Also on Windows, I looked at both versions of Portuguese and saw the buttons translated also. Do you have the option to update the translation in your preferences?

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