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• Jul 3, 2018 - 05:10

So I have a couple soundfonts installed. One for a gong, another for really pretty sounding trombones and trumpets. However, when I upload the score (using the upload score audio feature within the Musescore app), it should include my soundfonts in the playback, but it changed the trombones and trumpets to a drum, and the gong to a piano. Is anyone else experiencing this, or is it a problem on my end, and if so how do I fix it?


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Which soundfonts used in what order (screenshoth of Synthesizer) and for what instruments?
When I open the score in MuseScore a d look at the mixer, I see Trumpet and both Trombones to be set to a Grand Piano sound, that can't be right, can it? And they indeed sound like a drum, in MuseScore and on MuseScore.com
I don't see any Gong.

in the mscx inside the mscz I see for Tenor Trombone

          <controller ctrl="0" value="1"/>
          <controller ctrl="32" value="1"/>
          <program value="53"/>

Similar for Trumpet (but with program value 49) and Bass Trombone (but with program value 55), looks OK and I fail to understand why mixer reports this as Grand Piana (program value 0 or 1), and even more why it plays as drums.

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I know theres no gong in Saturn, I was just saying that it happens for that soundfont as well

The Symphonic Sounds is the soundfont I use for the trumpet and trombones. It contains sounds for every instrument, and I use the JL Trumpet, the Tenor Trombone UOI, and the Bass Trombone sounds in that soundfont. The first image is the order of soundfonts in my Synthesiser: default Musescore sounds first, then Symphonic Sounds, then the Gong just in case I need it. The second is what sounds my trumpet and trombones are set to in the mixer

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I’ve tried it in two different places so far, so I don’t think it’s internet. Also, I got a new computer, and this same thing started happening on my old one as well as my new one, so not a machine issue I think. I will tell you what I do know though. On my primary account Planet Bonezone, for the arrangement of Neptune, I used the Symphonic Sounds soundfont for the trombones and trumpets and it worked out perfectly. I also used the same gong soundfont I described above for he gong and suspended cymbal, which also worked perfectly. That was only about theee months ago so I’m not sure what happened. Maybe you could download that one and compare the two scores to find out what’s different between the two. Here’s the link:

At measure 22, when the trumpets and trombones play together, you can tell that the sound font is used because it sounds different than the default MuseScore sounds for trumpets and trombones.

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