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• Jul 3, 2018 - 17:08

Hi, I've been using Musescore for who knows how long and I always update when there is a new version out. So when the Musescore Drumline extension came out I was excited and Double checked I was at the current version of Musescore and when I checked the extension in Musescore, the Drumline extension wasn't there. It may be possible reason why it's not there though. My computer doesn't pick up my home wifi from where it's located and I was wondering can it still be downloaded somewhere else and then transfered of would I have to move my whole computer? Or is it just something else that's wrong.


The latest version is 2.3 which supports the MDL extensions. The check for updates is usually activated about a week after a version is released in case there is a major problem with the release that needs to be fixed before it is too widely in use. I think someone made a mistake in having MDL report its update before 2.3 is reported as an available update.

Or, it could be that 2.3 already is installed. And in case, the question is still valid: if the OP manages to get 2.3 installed (possible by going somewhere that has an internet connection, downloading the installer to a thumbdrive, then transferring it to the home computer and running it), he/she will still struggle to download the extension. because as far as I know, there is no official way to install it outside of Help / Resource Manager and doing the download there.

That's something that maybe should be addressed - provide a way to bypass the download and allows the extension to be installed from a local file.

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Hey Nicolas! I'm not sure if you will even see this but it is worth a try! I was trying to install the musescore drumline extension the way that you had explained it (since I have been having trouble through the resource manager) but I still get an error that says "Cannot import extension: storage / is full." I would like to use the extension but I just can not seem to figure out how to get it installed.

I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 (I had the same problem with version 18.04)

The problem for me is not that the Drumline extension isn't showing up, but what happens is that it starts installing and then gets to 99% and says "Unable to download, save and verify the package. Check your internet connection."
Please help

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