logged in and out and it still says I have uploaded the max amt of scores even though I have 4 out of 5

• Jul 4, 2018 - 00:35

I had five scores, the max total for a free account. I deleted one since I wanted to replace it, but now it's saying that I used all my scores even though there's only 4 now out of 5 that I can use uploaded. I should still have one more score I can load. I tried signing in and out again just to refresh it and it still says that I used all my scores... :S


I have a pro account and deleted a large number of my scores and they are still counted as being uploaded. I won't make any guarantees about what happens if you upload another.

Use "Save online" from within MuseScore, it isn't limited by the 5 uploads. You'll still only be able to access the 5 latest (most recent) uploads from musescore.com though.

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