Add fingering to TAB directly

• Jul 6, 2018 - 07:18

Even though I can add fingering to TAB’s notes by dragging these from palette,
Its not possible to add directly from keyboard shortcut (e.g Ctrl+D) neither from menu bar, / text / fingering.

I think its very useful if it’s possible!


I'm hopeful that work done last summer as part of GSOC it should be possible to add shortcuts to palette items in version 3.0.

You don't need to use drag & drop - as with all palette elements, it is more efficient to simply click the note then double-click the palette icon. Also, you can define a shortcut for the "Add fingering" command (same as how you define other shortcuts - Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts). There is only one such command, so you would then type the actual number. Depending on your usage, this may or may not be more efficient than usign the palette.

And indeed, for MuseScore 3, it is very much a possibility that each and every palette element will be able to have a shortcut assigned. The code exists, just needs to be approved.

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"nothing happen when I type Ctrl+D for selected TAB's number (notes)."

Indeed, but IMHO, this feature leads to a bad/slow workflow.

Double-clicking is better also for TAB. Don't forget also (give a try) via copy & paste, or duplicate (hold on Ctrl + Shift -> drag and drop the fingering on another notehead/number).

Also, by using Ctlr + K (as you enter chords, of course, if you don't use this feature already in your specific score), and changing afterwards the text style - fingering - in Inspector (via all similar elements). And so on... among other workarounds (edit: to be clear, copy & paste, and duplicate, are features)

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"Ctrl+Shift ->Drag&Drop.. I encounter this for the first time..and I really like it!"
Me too!

"nothing happen when I type Ctrl+D for selected TAB's number (notes)."
Is it on purpose? I still miss it..

On purpose, I don't think so. Probably not planned, or not thought for TAB (forgetfulness or other reason), I can not say it affirmatively.
Edit: Maybe other reason: the option to add fingerings in tablatures would be more recent than the moment this feature was added in the program (and so not updated) ? I do not remember exactly.

NB: if really desired (!), you can submit a feature request in the Issue Tracker.

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Well, displaying the fingering was disabled by default on purpose, but it can be added back via Staff Properties / Advanced Style Properties. And then fingers will display normally - same rendering as for standard staff, anyhow. But it is true that the command itself seems to be disabled for tab staves universally, I guess maybe because the default is to not show them. Probably better for tab staves to check that property before giving up.

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Maybe it's me, but not sure we talk all about the same thing here.
In my understanding, the user's claim is:


1) Guitar tablature template -> add a few notes/numbers
2) In staff properties -> Advanced style properties -> Tick "Show fingerings" -> Ok

3) There is a feature in menu "Add" -> Text -> Fingering
After have defined, in Preferences, a shortcut for "add fingering", let's say: Ctrl + D

4) In the TAB staff -> select a number/note -> press Ctrl + D

Result: nothing happens.

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Yes, this is exactly what I was pointing out in my previous post as well. Except more from a programing than user point of view :-). I see in the code where the "Add fingering" command checks to see if the staff is tab (actually, if is is anything but standard) and does nothing if so. Presymably it would work for us to go ahead and allow it for tab if the "show fingerings" property is set.

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