Sloped beams

• Jul 8, 2018 - 21:29

Why is it that beams on the top of notes are sloped, but the beams on the bottom of notes are not?

beam slope.png

Picture is from a 2.3 file.


The beaming rules are exceedingly complex and full of special cases, so it's hard to give a specific reason why any particular result exists. I can say it isn't quite a question of beams above vs beams below - raise those two A's (assuming treble clef) in the top example an octave and the beam slopes.

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They're both the same instrument in the treble clef, that's what was annoying. What is not pictured is the dynamic and hairpin that is covered by the down pointed beam. The beam will be out of the way one I slope it the way it should be in the first place.

I noticed this too. Often horizontal beams looks more adequate than tilted ones, independent of the directions of the stems. So I end up doing more corrections on beams above the noes than on beams below them.

A second problem is that tilted beams often are tilted too much.

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