Stacking with code

• Jul 9, 2018 - 11:20

I'm trying to get a G13b9#11 to stack the b9 over the #11. I did it this way G13.jpg and it doesn't work.

Where am I wrong?


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Looks like your code isnt being hit at all. Is there perhaps another entry for that chord elsewhere in the file? Or perhaps that particular score had already entered a chord by that name, and generated its own rendering that is now locked in? if the latter, you may be able to hand-edit the mscx file for the score in question to remove that rendering.

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Is there a doc somewhere that explains the values and their function for creating custom chord xml files? I've tried fiddling with this code, my issue is that my #5 under the b9 is very offset to the right instead of lining up directly under it like the Db chord in the picture. I also don't want my #5 that far down. While I've been tinkering with the values for the m:0:7 and such, I can't seem to figure out the finetune adjustment. Either there is little to no change or huge change. I also don't understand the terms pop and push in the context of the formatting.

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The file is intended to be self-documenting. The "m" command moves elements in some sort of unspecified unit of measurement. Small values have small change, large values have large change. Should be a completely linear relationship - a value of "4" for "x" will move twice as far as "2", etc. "push" and "pop" are terms used in programming and refer to a "stack" of remembered values. "Push" means "remember this location", so you can then output some characters, move the cursor around, output more characters, and then say "pop" to return the cursor right where it was when you said "push".

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