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• Jul 12, 2018 - 05:09

I got my work entered into the program, but that computer died. I have succeeded in getting your program on my computer. It even allows me to open my account. However, my work didn't come with it. Is there a way to transfer my work through the program? Please message me with instructions for this process? Thank you.


If you saved them to, it is easy as downloading the scores. Otherwise it is the same process as getting any other files from the other computer. It depends upon why it died.

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They were saved in the app. My new computer recognizes my previous login and allows me to access my previous activity for asking for help, but doesn't bring my work with it. How could it know who I am, and not bring my work with it? Help me understand this process and fix it- please.

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There is no such thing as "saved in the app". All files created by MsueScore are just normal files, stored on your computer's hard drive in the same way as any other files by any other program. Typically they would be in your Documents folder, in a sub-folder there labelled MuseScore2. If you still have access to your old computer's hard drive, you can find someone to copy the files from it for you (often Best Buy will offer to do this for a fee when you buy a new computer). Or, if you were using a service like Microsoft OneDrive, then your document files are automatically backed up to the cloud.

Basically, what I am saying is, there is nothing special about MuseScore file s- they are perfectly ordinary files. So if you find someone near you who knows much about computers, they can help you - they don't need to be MsueScore experts. They just need to know computer basics.

If you had backed up your hard drive... The method is the same as for all other files.
Give some other 'computer is dead' information.

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