Scoring Nobody knows you when your down and out for piano

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Hi all
I have the notes and chords for the above song from a book called EZ Play Today Blues. The score is the treble clef with a chord chart above the staff. No bass clef. How do I score this so I can here the chords and Melody? Do I put the chords in the bass clef? IMG_20180713_160906.jpg

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Sure, you could do that. If you want to hear the playback, yu have to enter not just the chord symbols, but the notes for the chords themselves - MuseScore doesn't automatically convert chord symbols to notes.

Realistically, this isn't how an accomplished piano piano would approach scoring a song for piano - melody in right hand, simple block chords in left hand. There would normally be give and take between the hands, use of arpeggios and moving lines in inner voices, etc. So if that's what you're asking about, it's much more complex question, probably better asked on a forum devoted to jazz/pop piano playing.

If you want to have an idea of this song, enter on a double stave PIANO, enter the melody on treble stave, and in bass Stave, enter the Name of the chords, the tonic (C-E-A.......) all on quater notes all along.

If you know the composition of the chords, it will be better with entering CHORDS every two times, on time 2 and 4, it's not very long, chords are often the same .

And , ask to Musescore to play SWING (SWING iis in the palet, in TEXT). If you don't , this music will be very bad

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Melody is for the treble stave, and bass (tonic) and chords( with real notes) for the bass stave which is in F Key.

Musescore don't know playing chords only written in text (C-Am-E7......)these chords are only for the view and the printer. Musescore only plays chords entered with real notes (C gives 3 notes :c-e-g or more). You enter in F key, if it's a problem for you, enter a new stave of piano and use the second treble stave in G key

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I don't have a srsve (?), but....

You can create your own generic 'chord chart' score in, say, the key of C major / A minor showing the major, minor, and 7th chords - voiced however you prefer and in whatever rhythmic style (e.g. bass note - chord - chord).
It's simple enough to transpose this chart into any other key you might need.
View any melody score side-by-side with the 'chord chart' and copy/paste the chords as needed.


With all due respect for MuseScore, Band-in-a-box does what you want to do, assuming I have understood your question. With BIAB, you enter chord symbols, the application plays them, in the styles, tempos and rhythms you choose. You can add a melody, too, if you like. It's not free, though. MuseScore does a good job of playback but its primary purpose is notation. Band-in-a-Box is intended specifically for playback.

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Thanks for all the help and ideas I have learned alot. I have been considering BIAB for some time now. Does anybody have an older version that want to sell? Can you buy a used copy on eBay and get it to work on a couple of computers or is it locked to the original owner through registration?

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BIAB is a fine product, but there are definitely others worth considering. These days most musicians I kmow in the jazz/blues/rock world use "iReal Pro", an app for iOS and Android that is a fraction of the cost of BIAB. Doesn't do notation at all but does great job with the playback. For free / open source alternatives, try Impro-Visor.

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