how to batch transfer notes to numbers and write to lyric

• Jul 15, 2018 - 16:49

i want to batch transfer note to a number and wirite to lyric2 or lyric3
is any one can help me to do this batch?
i do not know how to write any software code...
really need help...
i have write one file sample...

C3 1.
D3 2.
E3 3.
F3 4.
G3 5.
A3 6.
B3 7.
C4 1
D4 2
E4 3
F4 4
G4 5
A4 6
B4 7
C5 .1
D5 .2
E5 .3
F5 .4
G5 .5
A5 .6
B5 .7

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There is no built-in facility for this. Probably something could be done as a plugin. Probably also as a Python or other script that processes a MusicXML file using music21. FWIW, there has also been work done on and off to eventually add Jianpu support in MuseScore, but I don't know the status of that - I don't know that it ever got particularly close to being ready.

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