Suggesting the settings in the mixer to be numericalized

• Jul 20, 2018 - 15:56
Reported version
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

Sorry if I made up the word "numericalized", but it pretty much explained what I am suggesting here. I'm expecting the settings to be percent-based, not graph-based like it is in the present version.
There're three reasons for me to make this request:
It could be really bothering trying to set the volumes of some instruments the same or follow certain ratios while looking at the graph-based meters by eye. All one can do is to "approximately" set the relative volumes, which is hugely inconvenient when wanting to make the volume as accurate as they expect. At least for me even a little bit louder or thiner can matter.
One cannot memorize the best ratio of volumes precisely when switching between scores. For instance when one's expecting the volume of a certain instrument to be the same between different scores, they must open an old score to see how the volumes are set before simulating them in the mixer of a new score. If the settings are digitalized, the figures can be easily memorized, thus I can always simply input the same figures.
The volumes cannot be as big as you want. I know that even if the settings are numericalized this feature could possibly still not be available, but if those meters are graph-based this feature can never be implemented. If you've listened to pieces from Two Steps From Hell you will have found out that the sound of the bass drum can be really loud to provide a heroic atmosphere, for instance in "Victory". However I'm afraid this cannot be done in MuseScore even if the dynamics is set to fff. But with a figure-based volume setting I can simply set the numbers to possibly 150% or 200% to realize that.
There still can be more reasons which I cannot think of in a short period of time. Really hope that the developers could take my suggestion into account. A million thanks to you.