Audio source Markers do not update.

• Jul 20, 2018 - 22:07

Recently when adding a Audio source to my scores and trying to sync it up, I can place marker on each barline as usual, but when I click "Update" it does not do so for some reason. Have no idea why.

This also happens to audio sources I have had uploaded for a very long time before this problem started to recently occur.


Something that might be related: I recently updated the youtube sound file for my orchestral arrangement of Barry P's piano score, "Vision: Ghost of the Countess". I've 'nominated' it as my preferred sound, however, MS wants to play a sound file that's been replaced four times ago and has been deleted from youtube more than a year ago. The new sound must be selected manually, even though when viewed through audio management the score shows it as "preferred".

I refer to my earlier comment on this thread. I've added another new sound file to a different score, I selected it as my preferred playback but MS reverts to an earlier youtube video - one that I deleted. I've since deleted all the old 'links', however, I might have retained the older link for the purposes of comparison.

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