"Play Second Time Only"

• Jul 21, 2018 - 17:25

There should be a feature to have a repeated section only play the second or first time. This is somewhat common in music and I would love to see it implemented.


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Sure, but that only affects the repeats, so we can't mute it the first time. Right? It also doesn't support a carried over note from a repeat that "bleeds" onto the first measure of the section and isn't played the first time around. Or did you mean to place voltas over the section and manage them that way? That broke playback for me.

Help us out here. Given this section, what would you do to get it to play as intended?
(This just an example; someone can take this Tacet.mscz)

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Fair enough, I suppose that there's only so much that we can fit into the program. Tacet/play marks would probably be easily broken (artificially toggling mute--things already go weird when touching that button during playback), and playback would be horrendous & inconsistent when playing starting in a section (i.e. which repeat does it start on? Mute states need to be retained and not letting it makes it unpredictable). Just unroll the repeats, I guess; I heard somewhere that they're looking into that...

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