how to open an MSCZ,File

• Jul 9, 2014 - 21:26

A composition somehow was saved as an MSCZ, File and not as Compressed MuseScore File and now will not open. Any information on how to salvage this work would be great. We have tried to rename the file, but it will not allow us to change the type of file.


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Once again, how do you change the file from MSCZ,file to compressed MuseScore file. We are unable to rename the file so we are unable to follow the instructions that were given in the earlier post.

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If you cannot rename the file, then that is either a limitation of your operating system or of your knowledge of and ability to use the features of the operating system. If you mean that renaming it does not result in a usable file then that may be a MuseScore problem. Either way, if you post again and attach the file then someone may be able to open and convert it for you.

I would appreciate it if I were not attacked in forums for a lack or perceived lack of computer ability. Wow. After trying to rename the file multiple times, we saved the file to a flash drive and then opened the file on a different computer and we were able to do it. Not sure how an computer incompetent like me was able to come up with such a solution, but it finally did work. Thanks so much.

BTW, MuseScore never saves as ".MSCZ," *instead of* ".MSCZ". It's always both, and the ".MSCZ," version is only a backup that won't include any of your recent changes. You want the one ending in ".MSCZ" - no comma. SInce you referred to this as "compressed musescore score" rather than ".MSCZ", I am guessing you are using the Windows option to hide file extensions for known file type. This is very bad practice; first thing you should do is consult your Windows documentation (or search online) to turn that option off. Otherwise, you'll never see the ".MSCZ" that is supposed to be part of the filename, which leads to confusion over and over again in cases like this.

Hey. I am also having the same issue. I have a lot of other scores saved as "Compressed MuseScore File (.mscz)" and they open fine. But for some reason, when I logged back on to my laptop this afternoon there are a bunch of files saved as "MSCZ, File" all of which I am unable to open? Please help ASAP.

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These are (stilll!) backup files. If you reanny want to open them, you have to rename them so they lose the trailing comma, optionally but recommended also the leading dot and on Windows lose their hidden attribute.

The howto I linked to further up in this thread some 4 years ago still applies

Due to a bizarre bug here in the forum it is possible upload such a file, but not to download it.

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You have not properly renamed the file. Right click the file and choose properties and then change the name there. When you click OK, window will ask you if you're sure you want to change the extension, tell it yes and you should be able to open the file.

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