Consolidate undo-points for changing note-pitch

• Jul 25, 2018 - 09:57


When changing note-pitch with up/down-arrow,
I'd like undo-points to be consolidated.

So, going from b to e, then undo, would require 1 undo, not 5 as today.
There should be a time set for this, like 2 seconds,
so going from b to c#, then later to e would have better chance of creating 2 undo-steps.



Re-pitch with the arrows is not designed with 5 presses in mind, but rather 1 for the purpose of making the note have an accidental on it (though the key signature does not always accommodate this). It is an often abused feature, I often do it myself when I forget which clef the note is on. The proper way to make such a large change in notes is to either undo the last note entered and enter it correctly or leave note input mode, select the note and press the proper key, MuseScore will then undo as expected.

I'm responding mostly because I disagree with your suggestion but others are welcome to comment as well.

I also disagree. It's important that each and every action be undoable; having some actions skipped would be confusing and detrimental to many workflows. My guess is that whatever it is you are doing that is making this seem useful is probably better accomplished using other methods entirely (eg, using repitch mode rather than arrow keys).

I agree with Mike and Marc, with one small caveat. At the moment, the only way to change a grace note's pitch is via repitch with the arrows. That is a case where @G-Sun's request would make a little more sense. I don't think, however, that this is a good solution for the problem with grace notes. The best solution would be to extend the program to enable repitching of grace notes via the keyboard letters, just like normal notes. I don't know what the reasons for not enabling it from the beginning was, so if there was a good reason, just explain it to me. Also, is there an issue / feature request for something like this already? If not, can I open one?


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You are correct about grace notes and I agree a better re-pitch method for those would be very useful. I understand that MuseScore sees regular notes and grace notes as different types of items. Since the shortcuts of a-g enter notes, they simply replace grace notes with regular notes. I haven't seen any discussion on re-pitch of grace notes so I would say create a feature request. I'll further comment there.

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