Unpitched percussion Note Entry

• Jul 27, 2018 - 17:51

I cannot get the unpitched percussion, triangle and cymbal to enter in this score. Don't know why? When I select a rest and go to note entry and then try to enter a note (just for duration value's sake) all I get is an arrow, and nothing will enter. Please see attachment, pg. 4, triangle, cymbal, last measure of the page.


Works fine for me. Can you describe more precisely - step-by-step - what you are doing? Here is what works for me:

1) click first rest of triangle part on last measure of page 4 (measure 22 - the start of a 3/4 section)
2) press N to enter note input mode
3) type "A"

Result: what I expect, the note appears. Same good result if I instead click the palette then click the score, or if I double-click the palette. Same for cymbal.

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So you should see something like...

drum note.png

...this? and pressing the letter does nothing?

Note: I just realized you are using version 2.1. I think that's fine and don't believe it's an issue with your question, but eliminates other issues I was considering and may help someone else.

I suspect you have changed note input mode from Step-time. I have no problems with entering notes. Click on the fancy N near the upper left corner of your window to see which mode is selected.

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Step Time is the normal note entry mode. If you were in another mode it would explain why you cannot enter a note. When you close and re-open MuseScore, I believe it reverts back to Step Time note entry. There is a shortcut predefined for anther note entry mode. If you accidentally press this shortcut (ctrl+shift+i) you will not be able to enter new notes. You must click that button to change back to Step Time, or restart MuseScore.

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By the way, why is the Triangle playback practically inaudible, even when you put an FF under it?The cymbal does fine, but not the triangle. And, if I download the latest version of MS, will that update my score/version, or will it be a whole new separate MS on my PC?

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Triangles in real life are a lot quieter than cymbals. The balance between the two in the default soundfont seems fairly realistic to me - if anything, the triangle is not really quiet enough compared to the cymals (or, perhaps more accurate to say the cymbals aren't loud enough). But feel free to use View / Mixer to fiddle with the relative balances, or experiment with other soundfonts as described in the Handbook.

As for updating, only "major" releases (from 1.x to 2.x, or most likely 2.x to 3.x) will create separate installations. "Minor" releases (like 2.1 to 2.2 or 2.2 to 2.3 or 2.3 to 2.3.2) simply replace each other. Y9u scores are never touched in any way whatsoever by any update, major or minor.

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