MuseScore 2 only runs in debug mode

• Jul 30, 2018 - 10:52

Hi all,

Bit of an odd one. I'm the ICT technician for a school that is looking to run MuseScore in the classroom, but I'm falling at the first hurdle - MuseScore simply won't run. When you double-click the shortcut or .exe, you see the Windows spinning circle for perhaps a few seconds, then nothing. I've trawled the event logs, but there's nothing at all about MuseScore there (and no corresponding events in the same timestamp as the execution). I've ensured the security is correct, and I've run as administrator, and tried both the 32-it and the 64-bit versions. I've also tried it on three different computers.

However... after much reading of the Handbook, I tried running in debug mode using the -d parameter to try and see if it would tell me what's going on - and the program works, exactly as I'd expect it to.

So, my questions are twofold. First, why won't it run without the debug switch, and second, is there any harm in running it in debug mode in a production environment? What's the actual difference between normal and debug (I don't see any actual debug messages anywhere)? If there's no real difference I'm happy to just modify the shortcut that users use and everyone use it!

System details:
OS: Windows 10 Education build 1703 64-bit
CPU: i5-6400
RAM: 4-8GB (depending on PC I tested it on).
Sound: Realtek High Def audio (I can find a specific chipset name if necessary).
MuseScore version: 2.3.1 (latest at time of typing).

Any other details, just ask. Primarily though, I just want to know if I'm going to hit any problems using it in Debug mode.




You shouldn't hit any problem when running in debug mode, and in Windows MuseScore won't produce any output with it.
Have you tried reverting to factory settings?
Or with sound (-s) or network (-w) disabled? Esp. the latter might be an issue in your school network's environment, as there probably is some firewall involved.

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Thanks for the reply. It's good to know that Debug mode can be used (although I wonder what the point of the mode is in Windows?).

I have indeed tried reverting to factory settings, but again, when I run the .exe with that switch then nothing happens still.

I tried -s and -w just now (thanks for that), but the exact same result each time - no activity or output at all.

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Debug mode works great on Windows - if you are running under a debugger that can display console messages. You can view the console using the free Microsoft tool Chances are good that something being output there explains why it isn't running otherwise.

There are two downsides to running in debug mode in normal use:

  • Lots of extra lines & symbols showing on your screen that are there for, well, debugging purposes. It's kind of distracting but not a deal breaker, I guess.

  • Things will likely run slower because of lack of optimization, extra code being executed, and the messages being output messages to the console. Not sure how much slowdown there will be due to the latter given you can't actually see the console, but it's a pretty significant slowdown if the console is visible.

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Considering I wasn't at work at 11pm where the problematic machines were, I wasn't actually able to test your suggestion :)

I've just tried it now, and I think we have a winner. Here's the entire output:

[29864] *** CGDContextMenu::initialize ***
[29864] *** CGDContextMenu::Initialize Num files selected: ***1
[29864] onecoreuap\shell\onecoretdlhelpers\tiledatalayeritemwrappers.cpp(1183)\appresolver.dll!00007FFE01EF284D: (caller: 00007FFE01ED5F49) ReturnHr(25) tid(7e64) 80070057 The parameter is incorrect.
[10152] Qt: Untested Windows version 10.0 detected!
[29864] IsValidForAD from client = 0 for path ??????????????????????????
[29864] *** CGDContextMenu::QueryContextMenu ***0
[10152] Mscore: fatal error: cannot load internal font <:/fonts/MuseJazz.ttf>
[29864] onecoreuap\shell\shcore\libs\stream\managedcreatefile.cpp(1293)\shcore.dll!00007FFE1BBDB447: (caller: 00007FFE1BBA8EEF) ReturnHr(38) tid(e8) 80070057 The parameter is incorrect.

I'm guessing from the output that the internal font is the problem! I've downloaded it more than once to try it out so I don't think it's a corrupt download that's causing this. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


I may be quite wrong. I just tried running MuseScore in debug mode (with the -d switch), and I've attached the output to this post - it has a lot more fonts (including this one) that it fails to load, but it still loads the program).

Instead it's is perhaps the managedcreatefile.cpp line that's causing the issue? That isn't present in the debug switch output. I don't know, I'm guessing at this point :)

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Apologies for disappointing you, but firewall wasn't the issue - it was switched on when installed (and I tried a complete uninstall/reinstall after checking it was on just to be sure).

However, you struck gold with the link about blocking untrusted fonts! After disabling it via GP and rebooting, MuseScore started working without the -d switch (with no font errors in the debug console), so now I just need to either retarget that setting or put an exception in.

Many thanks for your help both, I'm pleased we got to the bottom of it!

Edit: On reading… I'm just going to drop the setting entirely. I didn't realise this was the cause of our missing images in webpages also! So you've accidentally helped me resolve two issues at once :)

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