New issue with VideoScore started today (7-31-2018)

• Jul 31, 2018 - 10:38

Adding or editing a VideoScore from "Manage Audio Sources" does not appear to be working today. In the edit tool, the option to add, edit or load markers from score is missing along with the score timeline (see attached). The result is that VideoScores cannot be synchronized with the score.

Additionally, VideoScores added (as of today) using the "Send To YouTube", are added with the "Audio Only" flag unset (causing the VideoScore to display in a window above the score). This is not the normal default behavior and is likely undesirable. Any attempt to set the "Audio Only" flag results in an un-synchronized VideoScore which adversely affects score playback (e.g., pressing the play button on the score causes the score to play without tracking of the measures).

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