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• Aug 5, 2018 - 10:51

The screen used to show the bar number that I was using . After updating, this is no longer shown. Is there any way that it can be restored?

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"The screen used to show the bar number that I was using . After updating, this is no longer shown. Is there any way that it can be restored?"

Not sure, maybe do you mean the displaying of the status bar, at the bottom of the screen? If so: menu "View" -> tick "Status bar"

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Thanks for help, but this is already ticked. You are right I do mean at the bottom of the screen, it was on the right hand side. As I was entering notation it tracked the bar and beat that I was entering. It also showed something at the bottom on the left hand side but can't quite remember what as I rarely looked at it. I am using version 2.3 1 and have only just updated from 2.03! Can you possibly suggest anything else that I can try please?

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It sounds like your status bar is covered up by something else. If the top left corner of the window has a single box next to the close X, your window may actually be larger than your screen. Click the box and you should be able to see the status bar. The other alternative is that your Windows task bar is locked and covering the bottom of the MuseScore window. Right click the task bar, and remove the check from "Lock task bar" Hopefully one of these will fix the problem.

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Thanks. Have tried both but nothing works, sorry. I am fairly new to computers (started late 2016). Before that I new nothing, but as I play handbells and have music diplomas was asked to take on the arranging of the music. Although Musescore was initially set up for me by a tutor (computers) from Age UK, I have never had the inspection panel, even when I select F8 all it says is nothing selected! Where do I go from here? Or Do I manage without it! I Do appreciate any and all advice I get from the forum.

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There must be a status bar, or you do not have a check next to Status bar in the view menu. Can you open your view menu and make a screen shot? Since you are so new to computers I'll give a detailed explanation.

If you are on windows you can use ctrl+PrtScn which is usually on the top line of the keyboard somewhere to the right of the function keys. This will put the picture of your screen on the clipboard. Open the Windows Paint program under accessories in the start menu and press ctrl+v and it will paste it into that program. You can then save the file as a .png file and attach it to your response. I don't know how to do this on Mac or Linux.

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When you pressed F8, it opened the Inspector - that is the window that is telling you "Nothing Selected" :-). If you actually select something, now it will show you lots of information about whatever you have selected. But probably you don't need that, so I'd close it again if I were you.

As for your status bar, as mentioned, be sure you see a check box next to Status bar in the View menu. If you see the checkbox but don't see the status bar, then something else on your computer must be covering it up. It's also possible some glitch has caused the checkbox to be backwards, so try unchecking it.

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