Automatic Navigation While Editing in Page Mode ?

• Aug 8, 2018 - 21:06

I tried finding this on the handbook, so sorry if I'm being that typical ignorant forum guy. But I like to work on scores in page mode, even though continuous view is easier. Since scores are developed in page mode on the profile, I've found in the past that texts, assets, and other inserts I make while editing in continuous mode don't translate well when going to page mode (ie. most things are out of plays and disproportionate). However, in page mode, when enter notes at the end of the bar, my screen automatically jumps to the next page and it's incredibly frustrating having to move it back to where I want every second. I just want to keep the screen focused on one spot and not jump to wherever the program thinks I'll edit next. Is there any way to turn that feature off, or maybe keep a ratio between changes made in continuous mode being displayed in page mode ?


Use continues mode during note entry, leave all "decorations" in their default place, once finished switch to page mode and clean the layout

Since version 2.3 the button "Pan score automatically" in the "Playback Controls" - toolbar has a second meaning. It leaves the score at its position during note input, too.
I think that's exactly what you are looking for.

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