How do I roll the leading edge of a chord?

• Aug 11, 2018 - 23:43

Chords on a piano or plucked guitar are often rolled on the leading edge rather than all notes being started at exactly the same instant. Is there a way to notate this in MuseScore? Will it play back properly in the MuseScore computer program or the SongBook Android app?

A totally separate question is notating and playing back rolled chords in Spanish guitar style, where the back of each finger unfurls in rapid succession. Unlike the plucked guitar chord roll, where the end of each finger plays one string, in the Spanish style, the back of each finger strums the entire chord.



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Hi Jojo.

Sorry, it took a while for me to find your reply.   I lose threads in this forum because I often cannot find a page from which I can search for my own posts or topics.  If I poke around long enough, I do find it.

I would suggest to the forum web developers that, from any page, one should have a menu option to search for one's own posts or topics.   The general advanced search works fine, because I can search for "@dddiam" or "@username".   I just have trouble finding the search page.


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