Chord Dissonances

• Aug 14, 2018 - 02:29

Hi Everyone,

Okay, I know this may have been discussed in other threads, but I'm interested in finding a way of identifying the dissonances in a particular chord. I know there is a Chord Identifier plug-in but that seems to only identify what the chords are, not what they should be or what they right notes should be. My pieces, mostly choral pieces, seem to have a number of dissonances in them and I would like to have some objective, non-theoretical way of having them highlighted. I know the subject of what is dissonant is a complex one, so this would be according to standard practice. If MuseScore doesn't have a feature or plug-in for this, could someone suggest a software program that might give me these results? Or is a feature like this simply impossible given the complexities of music theory?

Thanks very much for any help on this. I hope it's okay to have posted this in both Feature Requests and General Discussions.



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