How to insert parentheses into a score in Musescore?

• Aug 19, 2018 - 00:48

Many workings have preludes, which are usually denoted by being parenthesized on the score. But I can't find anything about this on the toolbox (there indeed are two small pairs of parentheses but neither seems to address this issue). Can somebody shed a light for me?


You can add parentheses by double-click on the parentheses icon in "Accidentals" tab of the Palettes panel, after choosing the required notes
Attention: If there are multiple notes, you must choose them by holding , don't use , or it won't success!

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There are a variety of parentheses in the master palette. Press Z to open them and drag them to the note where you want to apply them, then release them and drag them to the correct location. They have to be attached to a note or rest, but you can move them anywhere you like. If none of the parentheses in the master palette works, you will need to use staff text, enter a parentheses and change the font size so it is the correct size. You ca then drag them where you want them. Like the items from the master palette, they must be attached to a note or rest, but can be moved anywhere you want them. Keep in mind that you will want to do this after the rest of the system where it appears is complete. Changing measures, notes etc. in a system may affect where the parentheses end up so you may have to move them again.

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