High piano part encroaching lyrics on voice part

• Aug 25, 2018 - 18:52

I am writing a piece where there is a very high note in the accompaniment that encroached upon the voice part above it when I hit "hide hidden staves". Does anybody know a way to space the staves further apart to keep the parts out of each other's way? Perhaps there is something else I'm missing. Any suggestions?


I assume you mean "Hide empty staves"? In principle that shouldn't change anything, and I'd expect a similar issue without it, unless maybe the staff immediately above the high note doesn't have lyrics, but it is hidden and so now you see the collision with another staff? Attaching your score would help us understand the situation and assist you better.

In general, though, spacers are indeed a good solution, as is tweaking the settings in Style / General / Page Settings, also the "Extra distance above staff" setting in Staff Properties. Which to use depends on the situation, which is why seeing the score would be useful.

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Thanks. normally the actual score is more useful than a picture, but in this case the picture is probably good enough. As far as I can tell, it is as I said - "Hie empty staves" isn't relevant in itself, except in as much as maybe without it there was another staff acting as a "buffer" between the vocal and piano part. Anyhow, a "staff spacer up" attached to the top piano staff on the relevant systems would be useful. That ensures there is enough space above the piano staff regardless of what is above it.

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