Sending copy of score to phone

• Sep 4, 2018 - 14:34

Have downloaded musescore onto android phone, how do I transfer my own music mscz files on to phone to play them? Which folder on the phone does it need transferring to.


Depends, do you have the Songbook app or the MuseScore player? The latter doesn#t play local score, only those from The former doesn#t have any requirement as to where you store them, but you need some file manager to select them, which then will start songboog, songbook itself doesn't have a file browser as far as I know.
But the better place to ask this might be and/or (for which only the Sonbook app exists, if I remember correctly)

Jojo-Schmitz's reply is correct. With Songbook you can store local scores in any folder and open them via a file browser. There is no built-in score browser in the Android app.

An alternative would be to upload your scores to and then download them into the Songbook app for offline use. You can upload files as private if you don't want to share them publicly.

i'm using ipad air, iphone 6, before ios musescore songbook(paid app)update,
i could send any mscz file from synology nas which using synology file manager ios app.
Super Super Easy.

But.......on 7-Sep-2018, after update IOS musescore, the ONLY WAY save mscz files to IOS devices
Songbook MUST via musescore platform (only guess).

how to make it back to normal? thx!!

P.S. My temp. solution ---- use mac laptop, sigh....

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