What happened to the text toolbar?

• Sep 9, 2018 - 04:04

In my installation of 2.2.1 on my older computer, the text toolbar was always visible. Been using MS for so long, I don't recall what I did to make this happen — unless it happened by default. I now have a new computer and MS 2.3.2. The text toolbar doesn't show unless I'm editing text. This may sound like too fine a point; but I was accustomed to having the text toolbar at all times. I notice that in the Toolbars command, there's no Text Toolbar item to select. I tried forcing the text toolbar to display and creating a personal workspace; but when I went to another score, the text toolbar disappeared. Did I do something wrong during the installation; or how can I get the text toolbar to remain on the screen at all times?


I'm afraid your memory may be playing tricks on you. There has never been a version of MuseScore (well, none in the last eight years that I have been using it, anyhow) that displayed the text toolbar when you are not actually editing text. I t has always been the case that it displays only while editing text.

I've never seen the text toolbar unless I was editing text. It doesn't make sense for it to be there any other time. Perhaps you remember seeing the status bar that tells you about the note or rest you have selected. If it's turned off, then you can turn it on in the view menu, check Status bar.

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