Editing latency (delay)

• Sep 12, 2018 - 18:23

On several scores I have encountered a problem where a rather significant latency (delay) occurs when moving any element (notes, dynamics, chord names etc) on the score. This seems to happen on larger scores but not always? Anyone else experience this and is there a fix or resolution?


In the current (2.x) versions of MuseScore, there is indeed a gradual slowdown in responsiveness as the score gets larger. In a future 3.0 version, the problem will be fixed.

Another cause of the delay problem which has been mentioned on the forums is use of the Navigator (F12): this may slow down your note entry. I'm not sure whether this has already been fixed in the current 2.3.2 version...

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Well, the Navigator does slow things down, but only "somewhat" in current versions (eg, 2.3.2) - a bug in a previous release (fixed some time ago) would occasionally cause much more dramatic slowdowns in certain cases, depending on the size of the Navigator and whether scroll bars were required.

My pc equipped i3-6100, win 10, 64gb ram, ssd.

when larger scores playback, delay/lag occurs quite often.

But if you owned an ASIO-based sound device (i use focusrite 2i2 gen2 USB)
and choose the I/O inside Musescore, it has improved a lot.

P.S. Try to turn-off 'real-time anti-virus service'.....

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The problem is not during playback it is during editing. As i mentioned in the initial post, whenever you click on an element, note, dynamic, chord, etc to drag and drop, there is a substantial delay before the element actually moves.... Also, I have even larger scores than the current one that has the problem....some of the larger one DO NOT exhibit this same problem???? I tried recreating the score from scratch and copied each instrument staff into the new one one at a time and still have the same problem.

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As Daniel said, larger files slows down MuseScore because of the way MuseScore does things. With the exception of ensuring you do not extract parts there is not much you can do about it.

When it becomes so slow I can't tolerate it, I add about 25 empty measure to the end of the score, select those, all staves, and use File->Save selection and create a work area score where I enter notes, dynamics staff text and all of the things attached to a specific staff. When I get to a good breaking point, I copy everything from there and paste it into the main score and add system items like system text, rehearsal marks, key changes an d so forth. The only time this method becomes tedious is if there are time signature changes, because it is necessary to enter those before you paste so rhythms don't get rewritten because they cross bar lines.

25 measure is arbitrary because there are some songs that do not have a good breaking point within 25 measures, so I extend it if needed or add the slurs or ties that connects the sections after I paste both sections.

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