switching between horizontal and vertical page view (scroll pages) changes lyrics offset

• Sep 13, 2018 - 15:04
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S4 - Minor

when changing between horizontal and vertical view, the distance of the lyrics to the staff lines is augmented (each time I change, a little offset is added).
Appears not to all, but several of my scores.

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The distance of the lyrics to the staff lines is augmented in following scenario
1) Switch to Single Page and swithch back
2) Edit text in lyrics
3) Edit any note


Creating score from scratch won't give this effect.
I think it relates to several epic
#275844: [EPIC] Single page view related issues
#272132: [EPIC] Text positioning issues
#275344: [EPIC] Displaying elements, position and layout when opening 2.X scores in 3.0
I added last epic because I guess the reason of bug is incorrectly reading old score

Status (old) patch (code needs review) fixed
Status fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 382b7d79d8

fix #276136: lyrics jumps

There is a value 'lyricsEvenOffset' in mscx which cause the bug. When it is setted. It leads to jumping lyrics because calculating new skyline always adds offset to older position of lyrics. I fix it by remove adding offset.