Unwanted courtesy repeat barline

• Sep 21, 2018 - 20:46

Dear friends,

I keep getting what appears to be a "courtesy repeat barline" if such a thing exists, when trying to space out my measures evenly on a page. I have tried to get rid of it with "page breaks," but to no avail. There are no options that I can find, to remove such a thing automatically, although other courtesy elements can be removed in the page preferences. See screenshot.

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This glitch can occasionally happen after certain sequences of operations - the particular order in which you add the repeat signs and line breaks and generate parts etc. I've enevr quite figured out the exact sequence that triggers the problem. But it's easy enough to just delete the repeat and add it back, that should fix it. if not, please attach your actual score (not just a picture) so we can investigate further.

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Thank you, Mike and Marc.
I am using 2.3.2 (Is there a way to append that info as a "signature" on every post of mine?)
I did not know that I could just click on the courtesy repeat and delete it. How could I overlook that.
Actually, I cannot find the sheet right now anyway, so I cannot upload it, bu it happens often.

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