Disappearing staffs

• Sep 23, 2018 - 06:50

In 2.2 I was able to pick the treble clef template file (which has a single treble clef piano line) and add two new instruments (usually, two vocal lines), which I could then set up for responsorial psalms as used in the Catholic Church. In 2.3.2, when I add two new instruments — even if I add two piano lines — all the staffs disappear. I have no idea why this happens. I hope at least one of you out there does.

Thank you.


I just picked a template for a new file, a big band template, to be precise. When I was presented with the composing screen, there were no instrument staffs at all. Apparently, 2.3.2, or at least my installation of it, doesn't like templates with more than a single line. I have no idea what switch needs to be thrown here.

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Jojo: Picking from the new score wizard. Doesn't matter if I pick a one-line template from the wizard and try to add instruments to it, or pick a multi-instrument template: Once I go to more than a single line, all staffs go away. Working in Windows 10, which I was doing just fine with MS 2.2.

Shoichi: I just tried this mess all over again, both adding to a one-line template and starting with a multi-instrument template. The result was nucking futs, as they say in the States. It seems that the program is defaulting to Hide Empty Staves when I open a template. But that would not explain, then, why I could see a staff from a single-instrument template, nor why I never had this problem in MS 2.2.

What you are saying doesn't quite make sense, so something different must be happening.

My first guess is that when you try adding more staves, there is no longer room on the first page for a full system (like if your page size is set too small, or you have a large title frame), so the first system moves to the second page. Try hitting PgDn or otherwise scrolling to the next page.

My second guess is that you at some point set up a custom style file in Edit / Preferences / Score, and that style file has "Hide empty staves". because there is nothing else I can think of in MuseScore that could ever force that option to be enabled when using a default template (which you say you are using - unless you are actually using a customized version of the template that has the option set, in which case there's your answer).

Third guess is that you have customized your instruments.xml and there is a syntax error or other issue there that is causing the added instruments to not have any saves.

Anyhow, certainly nothing has changed at all in many years on this front; it's not something new with 2.3.2. If you continue to have trouble attach one of your scores and steps to reproduce the problem.

4th guess; unusual paper size/margins triggering one of the scenario's Marc mentioned.

Please attach a score saved after you've performed these steps:
1. Create new score
2. Treble cleff template
3. Add a single instrument
→ As per your report, instruments now should seemingly disappear.
4. Save.

Hi, gang; been a while,

Apparently, there was something buried in a master style sheet that set the default to Hide empty staves. No idea how that happened; often enough I need to add staves to a score because a responsorial has a number of verses on the same basic melody, so I need three or four staves on a system; but then I have to go back and hide the empty staves on the response. But that would be after the verses are all set; so I have no idea why it was set in the master style sheet. It should be corrected now.

Thank you all for your input.


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