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• Sep 26, 2018 - 20:52

There is something I don't understand--I wanted to get rid of the vocal parts in the Organ part only. I went on the Organ part and went to parts, and deleted the tenor I. part to start All it did was cause the Tenor I to disappear at the top where you click on the file. It did not disappear on the Organ part. Is it even possible to have the Organ part alone? I don't get it. I was told I made a mistake by having all the vocal parts in the Organ part, which makes sense A lot of extra printing for the core/parts recipient.. I undid the tenor I. deletion, as I was afraid I would lose all my corrected parts from the main File.
Also, I made a PDF of the score/parts but the parts did not show up in the PDF, only the Main File, and nowhere to click on the parts to print them.( ??)


You've made it so starting the parts over is easier.

Delete the parts. Use File->parts, select a part the click delete until they're all gone. Deleting a part will cause another part to be selected.

Next Use File->Parts... then click New all then click OK and nothing else and all of your parts will be created correctly. What you did previously is click new all then checked all of the boxes. This added all of the parts to the last part created, which is the organ. Don't do that. MuseScore knows what all new means. There are other ways to fix this, but just starting over is the least confusing.

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OK. I'll try it. But I need an answer from MS about Parts and PDFs. I am making this score available on Sheet Music Plus for sale. When I upload there, you choose a file to upload of course. So what does this mean for parts? I want to upload sore AND parts as one unit/package. I can't imagine having to upload main score PDF, and also 5 separate pdfs for the parts in this piece? Then people would have to buy the Tenor I. part , and etc. as 5 separate pdfs/ That seems absurd. That can't be how it works! ?

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Haven't checked my Inbox e-mail yet. I already created the score/parts PDF, and yes, I got one file that was both score and parts. But why do I have 6 extra PDFs,one for each part, that are now on my Scores list in my PC, separatedly ? Could I just delete the single parts pdfs, all they do is take up space.

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