3.0 Adding repeats inside a measure

• Oct 4, 2018 - 21:03

In 2.3.2 if you select a single note inside a measure and doubleclick the start- or end-repeat from the barline palette, the repeat will be inserted just before the selected note.

In 3.0 if you do the same, a larger spacing is made just before the note, but repeat signs are not inserted.

Intentional or bug?


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So it is there, but not shown, so there's the bug.
Hoever: I can't reproduce, dragging an end-repeat barline onto a note just adds it there.

It does so without splitting the measure, so just works like in 2.x, this in turn I think is a bug, if I understood Werner right.

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I can reproduce the barling not showing after double clsk, but not that the measure properties cange, it is still one measure (after close/reopen).
OK, so it seems we have 2 different issues here (and need to different fixes):

  1. Adding a barline to a note doesn't split the measure (may not be a bug).
  2. Add barline to a note via double-click doesn't update the display (and this might be a real easy fix).

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