Changing logic of reading guitar pro files with incompleted measure

• Oct 10, 2018 - 16:29
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Guitar Pro 6 and 7 have more flexible structure than MuseScore. For example you can add to the measure the different amount of notes, such amount that duration of measure doesn't allow. I uploaded the score to demonstrate my words. This score consists of two instruments and two measures. The second measure of the first instrument is correct. But the second measure of the second instrument consists of only one quarter note. While current MS reads this measure it sets new duration of second measure to the 1/4. It leads to the "corrupted file" message. Because new duration of second measure doesn't compatible with amount of notes in the first instruments.

I guess change this behavior to the following:
When MS reads this type of measure it complements it with rests to fill up to full duration of measure.

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@handrok could you please attach the musicxml file which you get when exporting data from Guitar Pro? What will happen if first instrument has 4 quarter notes with 4/4 key signature, but the second one has 6 quarter notes? Will it be processed correctly by the fix?

Is it really a feature request? I would say it is a bug.

@Anatoly I didn't open musicxml file. I opened .gpx file which had been created in Guitar Pro 6.0. If first instrument has 4 quarter notes with 4/4 key signature, but the second one has 6 quarter notes MuseScore as a previous will open this file with "corrupted file message". Then in MS this measure will be surrounded by the res frame. I didn't change this behavior. My fix relates with the case when uncompleted measure is present. In this case MS will complement this measure by the rests.
This fix relates only with opening Guitar Pro files. I think this fix is necessary because such kind of mistake very easy make in guitar pro due to the flexible structure of GuitarPro.