Slash notation icon

• Oct 13, 2018 - 06:40

Could we have/get user specified icon to replace the "slash?"
In particular, I'd like to replace it with the up or down arrow from Articulations/Ornaments.
I'd like it to behave just as slash currently does.

It's use is to make a useful "bass note + chord strum" for guitar TAB staffs, a so called "boom chuck."
Currently it is almost impossible to get this.

Dick Penny


If you show a picture of what you are trying to achieve - are there published examples? - we can help you find the most efficient way. My guess is it will involve creating normal notes, setting their noteheads invisible, then adding the specialized markings you want from the Symbols palette.

For plectrum guitar, why not simply use the traditional up/down bow symbols normally used? (Really simple)
Also, the Articulations and Ornaments palette shows no up or down arrows, just the up/down bow as pictured above.

However, the Arpeggios & Glissandi contains up/down (arpeggio) arrows. So, do you want something like this?

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