Split a beam?

• Oct 26, 2018 - 13:27

I would like to have four eighth notes in a row with two separate beams. This is for recorder music. Example of what I am trying to recreate is attached. Is it possible to split the beam that is automatically connecting all four notes?

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Under "Palettes" at left, open "Beam Properties." Drag the first icon under there onto the note that you want to begin the next beaming group.

While you can indeed make this change, I would suggest you don't. It was common to beam as you show in previous centuries, but the standard now is to beam in groups of four, so unless you are writing for musicians from 100 years ago, better to use the modern notation :-)

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Yes, if there's a work around I'd like to be able to beam 8th notes in groups of two. I tried the correcting solution recommended here and it keeps messing with my tablature symbols, making them revert to the vertical slash you can see in the last beat of meas. 54 in the example. I'd rather have the rhythm symbols shown as in the remainder of the sample so for now I'm going with groups of four.

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To be fair, there are still plenty of cases where, even in 4/4, grouping by 4s is just atrocious. Also, if you want to have a really strong quarter note pulse it is overall easier to read when they are grouped by beat. And anyway, this is a case of music preparation, so simplicity of concept is a higher priority than modernization.

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Yes but this is not just music, its software, and you professional musicians LOVE to complain about how software is not perfect. You people are absolutely right about that so how about this, I need to do this because a MIDI was transcripted to have a beam from 2 notes on different staffs. SO LETS remember this is not a human but a falleable machine.

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