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• Nov 8, 2018 - 23:29

I have created a document in Google Docs to make it easy to share information about what is changing in MuseScore 3:…

It's still a work in progress, but I think I have most of what's new listed, if not in any detail. Take a look, leave comments there or here if you see things that are missing or have other feedback. At some point, we will probably want to move this to a page here on so it can be edited with all the usual site revision control, but I figure that can wait until it matures a little.


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Good catch! My understanding is the feature itself isn't really new, but how you do it is. That is, not separate commands any more, but side effects of adding or deleting barlines. I already listed the option to show irregular measures. Is there anything else about that needs a separate line item?

Regarding playback, I'm missing the ability to change dynamics during single notes (, which is a issue that is being being delayed release after release of MuseScore. Now that issue 5178 is marked only as a "Suggestion" in the priority field.

The issue was opened in 2010, so it's 8 years old, and I don't understand why it not given a high priority (Anatoly-os marked a PR in as "Priority") in September,

I'd suggest to start with a rebase from the previous PR, , which was discarded which seemed a more general approach at the time. As iPR 2722 seems to be much more complex, perhaps starting with that previous PR would be far easier to implement in the current code?

Regarding playback, I'm missing the ability to change dynamics during single notes (, which is a issue that seems to be delayed release after release of MuseScore. Now that issue 5178 is marked only as a "S5 - Suggestion" in the priority field, being one of the most requested and old (8 years now) issue.

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Marc, ok, but then what exactly did you have in mind when you wrote "More to come?" in the New playback features? that's the reason I missed about this feature in the document, as (as I thought until now) it would be finally deployed over a 3.0 release. Maybe not in the initial release, but at lease in later ones of 3.0.

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This thread is to discuss features that are included in the new version 3.0 so we can start writing the documentation. This thread is in response to another thread where I specifically asked to have the 3.0 documentation started so us non-programmers can understand how new features work and test them. The 3.0 documentation will not include statements like "In version 2.1 you could..." just like the 2.0 documentation does not discuss features removed from version 1. Feature requests belong in the issue tracker and discussions of them need to be in

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So to be clear: I wrote "More to come?" to remind those of us working on the documentation that there may be changes yet to come. And indeed, I have no doubt that single-note crescendos will come some day. But again, this thread is not the place to speculate about or advocate for specific features yet to be added, it is just to help those of us working on documenting the release to keep track of what is there, to make sure it all gets documented. Hopefully that helps clarify things?

FWIW, it could be interesting - or it could be a waste of time, hard to say :-) - for someone to start a new thread that is dedicated to trying to come up with a short list of features considered most important to add to 3.0. I mean, the issue tracker lists them already, and we do have Priority fields to help with this, and I'm sure Anatoly and others have a pretty good sense of what they intend to do. But seeing a whole bunch of people in one place casting votes could be enlightening.

Maybe I missed it but the UI itself changed from (an old Oxygen theme to Qt Fusion) rounded buttons to squared ones, new icon set etc...
Users can change language, and maybe more stuff in Settings without a restart.

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