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• Nov 9, 2018 - 21:59

On a score two measures (not consecutive) are being quickly run through, distorted, almost completely eliminated on playback.
What might the problem be?


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I thought perhaps it might have been a familiar enough glitch to preclude the sending of a score. What I did was cut those two measures and rewrite them and it seems fine, thus far.

Some sort of glitch. The playback skipped over two beats in each of two measures. I found nothing odd about the notation.

Thanks to you, Louis and jojo for the quick response. I see you all chimed in within a minute!

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Alas! The problem has returned. I've deposited a copy of my ballet score, measures 13-15.
The playback skips on the last beat of measure 13, it once did on 14 as well.
When it happened in another place in the score, I simply cut and rewrote the two measures and it solved the problem there. Note, too, that this problem did not arise until after a few playbacks. It makes me wonder if its going to pop up again elsewhere.

I have a jar of aspirin and a fine Tuscan chianti handy if you tell me
I have to rewrite the entire score.

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No, jojo. I copied mm13-15 of the score. There was no sense in sending the entire score.
The copy begins with measure 13.

When I copied the 3 measures I also copied (as I expected) the problem along with it. Did you notice the problem in playback?

The music skips on the last beat of mm 13 + 14...the first two bars you see.

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No offense taken, jojo. But I do not have fat fingers... I have 10 THUMBS! and always get them in the way of something.

I did what you suggested. I even cut and rewrote m13. No dice. Then I copied the trumpet m 14 and pasted it in the m13 staff and now it works.

Thank you ...and "hawkeye".

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As Jojo implied, it's the same problem in both measures. It looks like you entered one, changed the stretch then pasted it in the other. Even the staccato dots are in the same place.

Edit: glad you fixed it. BTW, I'm no eagle eye, I'm nearly blind. I went to a new optometrist recently and his diagnosis was, "Your eyes are messed up."

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