Page Layout and General Style Questions

• Jul 17, 2014 - 03:44


My name is Harjo and I am really enjoying Musescore as a tool to make lead sheets for my tablet. I am currently digitizing all the charts I need to play with the latest band I joined and I need help in formatting the pages in musescore so when I bring them into mobile sheets it shows an entire page.

The tablet screen size is 5 by 10.1 So I'm trying to make a style with 32 measures, 4 staves per page with 8 measures per staff. I've played around and came close to what I want, but the problem I can't seem to figure out is how do I make the staves closer together so I can get 4 staves on one page. Currently I can get the configuration I want but, the staves are very very tiny. So my question is:

How can I make the staves larger and closer together in either the page settings or general style settings.

Thanks for any help, it's much appreciated.


The size of staves is controlled by Layout / Page Settings / Space.

The distance between them is controlled by Style / Edit General Style / System distance. Because MuseScore tries to fill the page, you won't see any difference if you just reduce this amount a little - it will just stretch the systems out again to fill the page. But if you reduce System distance enough to actually fit another system on the page, you should see that happen.

If that doesn't get you there please post the score you are having trouble with and explain in more detail what you want to do.

BTW, if you are displaying the score using the tablet MuseScore Player app as opposed to exporting from MuseScore as a PDF, be aware that page formatting is not generally preserved - the app does its own.

The other significant setting in the Edit Style>Page dialogue is the Page Fill Threshold setting.

This controls when MuseScore automatically spaces the systems on the page for you.

Setting this to 100% switches it off completely which enables you to set your own spacing settings with the System distance setting.


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