Cannot Open File

• Nov 12, 2018 - 01:37

After over a month of work on a piano sonata, I met my worst fear: The piece was not saved, and my laptop ran out of battery. I thought it crashed, so I started the computer up again (it survived briefly), Musescore prompted me to reopen the score, and I don't remember what I did then, but my computer ran out of battery again.

After that, I plugged it back in (I finally realized) and found that my score had been reverted to a version where three-quarters of the entire sonata were gone. After seven hours, I think I've found the file, but I ran into another nightmare.

"Cannot read file C:/Users/jayde.LAPTOP-B40LA66F/AppData/Local/Packages/64051MuseScoreBVBA.MuseScoreNotationSoftware_pz631wrhsw9tj/LocalCache/Local/MuseScore/MuseScore2/scw15100.mscz:"

What do I do now? Here's the file:

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scw15100.mscz 36.28 KB


The file is filled with only zeros so it's unrepairable. If you have a file with 3/4 of the score, be happy you have that much, because you will not likely find anything with more.

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