Decrease space between staves

• Nov 15, 2018 - 13:36

HI all,
I've decrease the space to 4.0 but when I try to get the lines closer together, it does the opposite.
Any ideas ? (attached)

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Thank you very much, Jojo. It did help and let me express my sincerest respect to you and your colleagues for such prompt and generous response, let alone the ability to use such a wonderful product. I have once paid for its extra features and will do so more very soon. You are legends guys, to say the least!

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As mentioned, what you paid for has to do with the feature of the score-sharing website But it doesn't in any way whatsoever affect the capabilities of the actual music notation software MuseScore. Only what you can download from that particular website (and miscellaneous other features of that website).

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Took a whole lot of experimentation, but I finally found it - measure number 35 on the second violin part was dragged way out of position, both horizontally and vertically. It shows up just below measure 220 on the first violin part. The vertical offset is the reason for the extra space; the horizontal offset moved it clear off the page which is why it doesn't show as a problem in page view.

The real fix, simply select that measure number and hit Ctrl+R. The reason the style setting reset also fixes it is that it changes the measure numbering to "every system" rather than every five measures, so the measure numbers get regenerated and that one goes away.

The min distance basically determines how many systems MuseScore will try to fit on the page, but once it makes that decision, it then adds additional space up to the maximum. So for any page where you already know how many systems will be on the page (eg, your example where it's pretty clear all of the systems will fit on one page), it is the maximum that is most relevant.

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Actually the minimum does not need to be changed here, and probably shouldn't be as it will lead to the page becoming far too crowded if you ever, for example, add more measures, or change the staff or page size. My previously post was an attempt to explain why you need to change the maximum, so you'd understand better how to use these controls in the future.

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