Muse Score not working

• Nov 15, 2018 - 22:11

When I try to open Musescore on my computer nothing happens, i tried reinstalling and it still didnt fix the issue.


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So, it sounds like after the reinstall, it was working, and now it isn't. So, again, the same question - what changed on your system between the time it last worked (yesterday? a week ago? a month ago?) and now? Perhaps an OS update, maybe a new device, some new fonts, ... ? And have you checked out the Handbook section I mentioned?

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Hmm. Did you also try to "revert to factory settings" as also explained in the Handbook? When you folow those instructions, you'll see a part about using a command line option "-F". If that doesn't fix it right away, then also try "-s" (which disables sound) and "-w" which disables the web view used in the Start Center). Maybe one of those will allow MuseScore to start?

No need for apology, we do want to help!

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So to be clear: neither -F, nor -s, nor -w alloed MuseScore to start? What about all three at once (with a space between them)?

Also, did you try rebooting? There could a "zombie" process preventing MuseScore from starting.

If one of these help, there is a tool that will allow you to capture the console output from MuseScore as it attempts to start, and based on the output there, we might be able to figure something out. See for more info on that.

Same problem with me. The mistake I made was installing musescore 3 to open a newer score. So I uninstalled 3 - and 2 not working. Tried uninstalling and re-installing 2 without success. I've restarted the computer a few times with no luck.

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MuseScore 1, 2, and 3 work independently of one another, on the same computer and even at the same time. One failing has got nothing to do with another failing.
But only the one installed last registers itself to start on double click onto a score.
Uninstalling and reinstalling rarely fixes anything (here though it might fix that double click issue), reverting to factory settings much more often so.

When I reinstalled Musescore 2 after having same problems (did this 2x), I checked in expolorer and found that there were no musescore files there - so reinstalled again - this time it worked.

I have a similar problem. It started while I was using musescore 3 on win10, had been starting and stopping a score playing. (5 instruments, 1 muted) Tthe window minimised as if at my command, and now wont open. It is shown in the task bar, and in task manager. If I right click the taskbar icon it offers run, pin to start or close. If I close and restart, it continues the same. It had been working fine for about an hour.

Since my post I downloaded Musescore 3 BVBA (whatever that means), and it works fine. It was installed next to the other version from about 14 mths ago, I'm unable to say the version as I couldn't run it. It actually downloaded and ran while the older version seemed to be running. On uninstalling now I see it was

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