usage of debug (-d) command line option

• Apr 9, 2018 - 21:13


Running MusesScore with the debug option, does enable a logfile in any folder, or a trace? (Windows platform, 2.2.1)


AFAIK on Windows it does nothing, unless it is a debug build, like all the development builds. On other platforms it writes to stdout/stderr, i.e. to the terminal that started the process

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Ok thanks Jojo. I tested yesterday with the latest 2.2.1 nightly (…) and unfortunately it did the same (no debug output in the command window from which I started musescore with the flag)

Peeking around, I've found a comment in a recent issue by lasconic ( related to the flag usage, then another comment by a user who tested the problem in the issue ( , so it appears to me that, anyway, unless a developer intentionally decides to include a debug output in dev builds for Windows, no message or output would appear (but maybe I'm wrong)

It's a pity for me, I would like to do a stress test on a computer with Windows & MuseScore opened (with a score) , leaving it opened for days (would like to reproduce by myself the issue about zero-filled scores). I don't have acces to a Linux right now

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That @echo on is not really needed, right?
Actually I can't get any output using your modifications to the bat file

I'm not sure anymore whether -d really adds more output or is just visible in the UI.

Do you see a difference with and without -d in that DebugView?

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Hi Jojo, sorry the delay..
-@echo on , no, that's not neccesary , your right. The start /wait keeps opened the cmd window , thats the real change.

I see no output at all in the DOS cmd window opened this way, using -d and (for the moment) the 2.2.1 nightly.

-No, I just started nightly.exe without -d , looked into DebugView, and for me it seems exactly the sames messages.

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Yes, to summarize::

  • Running nightly.exe -d , the cmd window don't print nothing at any moment.

  • Running nightly.exe -d, and checking DebugView: we can see messages in DebugView (as the one attachment I put above), kinda internal or debug messages.

  • Running nightly.exe without -d , and checking DebugView: I see in DebugView exactly the same internal/debug messages as above (in DebugView)

But yes, In no case I can see any messages in the cmdline DOS window opened by debugMode.bat.

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Hi Nicholas, you're right. It's strange. I'm doing a debug in a Windows 8 computer (yesterday my tries were in a Windows 10) via DebugView now of the latest 2.2.1 nightly, and yes, executed without -d , there are no debug output at all.

Using -d, well, the output is very voluminous, even without doing absolutely nothing in the UI, the vast majority of messages captured are related to (I guess) measure calculations/redraws. I'm attaching here just for reference a capture. Just opened a score, moved one note up/down, the saved the score. The save score only emits for this debug one line... I was interested to see how it traversed savefile()->saveCompressedFile, etc...that level seems to be not debugged, it emits just a "MuseScore::cmd " line in DebugView.

That's via DebugView, the console (cmd window, I altered as said yesterday the .bat to do a start /WAIT) don't prints nothing.

Just curious. In the case of a crash, given this devel build MuseScore is running with -d so capturing the obove activity, a full stack walk would be captured (in DebugView)?

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