how to translate web page and handbook?

• Nov 19, 2018 - 23:28

Hi, today i noticed the spanish translation of the handbook its outdated and the existing translation has some minor mistakes. I might be able to translate the whole thing but i dont know how. My english is not perfect but i can translate a text easily. Also some other sections of the web page have minor errors and some are not translated at all.


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Hi , i translated the new windows install page to give it a try. Im not sure if i did the whole thing right so if you could see it as a preview and let me know if its ok it would be great. I dont know any html php or programing in general so i am afraid i messed the layout or something. I left everything as it was but i want to check to be sure.
I uploaded the translation as an attachment, i dont know if this link will work for you… .
Also, i read somewhere i should not translate the link sites adresses /en/ for /es/ but in the preview links take me to the english page.

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Handbook and website
We will then give you access to edit and create new pages for your language. Also see the extensive Translation instructions.
We (not me) is the team, you must ask permission (ask to )

Translation instructions…
To be able to translate site content or the handbook you need to have been enabled by a website admin, use the "contact us" link on the bottom left of the page and mention the desired language(s).
These are the first steps.
Once enabled, click on the three points (see image) and copy the formatting replacing the text in the chosen language

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